Talkin’ chastity on TV.

It was an honor last month to be chosen by Great 38 in Tampa to appear on an episode of Our Issues Tampa Bay, called “Young Movers and Shakers.” Host Jenn Holloway asked about my forthcoming book, what it was like to put my virginity in the newspaper, and what advice I have for viewers. Watch below if you’d like, and if you like what you watch, please share it:

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*Please ignore the definition of chastity on screen while I define chastity. The one on screen — from the dictionary — contradicts chastity’s true definition, as defined by the Church. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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  • Feeling old. But seriously, you are so polished — both in words and hair. “Govern your appetites.” Love it! Can’t wait to read The Book. And please tell me the graphic at the 6:59 mark is your cover image.

  • Re: Chastity.

    One of the hardest things about discussing the Catholic faith is that often the “Church’s definition” of a term is very different from the English “dictionary definition”. Discussing Church teaching often involves redefining a lot of terms. The Church speaks Latin and what we read in English is often a poor translation of what the Church is trying to say. It’s safe to say a lot of the Faith can be “lost in translation”.

  • Arleen, nice job!!! Enjoyed the interview, you were awesome. Congrats on the book and second one coming. Very cool.

    Joel Wynkoop