Want to chat about chastity on your radio or TV show, on a podcast, or in print? Let’s do it! Here’s what others are saying:

“When I know Arleen is booked as a guest, I know it’s going to be a great show. It’s that simple.” -Jon Leonetti, host of TODAY on Iowa Catholic Radio

“In a culture where chastity is considered an illness, Arleen unapologetically presents the Church’s teaching on sexuality and marriage with humor and candor. Arleen is a fearless spokeswoman for a better way.” -Ken Huck, host of Meet the Author on Radio Maria

“Families, marriages, young adults are all affected by sex and the world is leading us in the wrong direction. Arleen is willing to speak the difficult truth we all need to hear.” -Abby Watts, host of the Big Big House Morning Show at Spirit FM 90.5

“Arleen should be on the airways discussing sexuality from a Catholic perspective because she’ll speak with personal, credible, practical, personalized honesty. She’s a woman of our times with a desire for something rich and more. She resonates with her peers. She awakens desires more than scratching raw nerves because people matter to her. She’s not critical; she’s authentically searching.” -Sr. Marie Pappas, host of Pathways of Learning at SiriusXM’s ‘The Catholic Channel’

To book me for a media interview, send me a note. To browse some of my previous interviews, see below:


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