Five additions worth noting.

I am stoked today to share my site’s redesign, brought to you by a small but mighty team of talented friends and a week’s worth of sleep deprivation (Worth it!). It’s worth noting that the redesign resulted in five fabulous additions to the site:

1. The book page.

The old site had a book page; the new site has a better one. Click here to see the book, and to see what a handful of your favorite famous Catholics wrote about Chastity is For Lovers after they read it. (Best. Endorsers. EVER. So grateful.)

2. The schedule.

The old site had a schedule; the new site has a better one. Click here to see a list of upcoming events (including but not limited to two Chastity is For Lovers book launch parties). Bonus: Each time I add an event to my schedule, it’ll pop up for you as a post and add itself to the ever-growing list. Keep checkin’ it for your hometown.

3. The media appearances.

Never ceases to amaze me when a media outlet invites me to chat chastity. What an honor! On the media appearances page, you’ll find an archive of interviews (print, web, audio [including NPR], and video), plus links to what I write off the blog (including for the Tampa Bay Times and the Catholic Match Institute).

4. The bio.

The old site had a bio; the new site has a better one. Click here to read more of my story than I shared before.

5. The subscriptions.

At the top of the right-hand sidebar, you’ll find the subscription box. Subscribers receive a couple posts per week via email, plus periodic exclusive content and occasional notes from me (I will neither confirm nor deny that said notes might sometimes include top-secret announcements and chances to win free stuff).

Hope you all like the new design as much as I do. Pray for me, friends, and I, too, for you.