FullSizeRender (18)When I outed myself as a virgin in a sex essay I wrote for the Tampa Bay Times, the secular public spoke: “Practicing chastity is impossible,” readers wrote in the emails they sent me. Others called it absurd. But for Christians, the truth is clear:

We are called to practice chastity, despite the culture around us that resists it.

As a result, the virtue of chastity — which requires sexual abstinence outside marriage and chaste sex after the wedding — requires us to go against the grain.

For your audience, I’ll identify the commitments we each must make, no matter our states of life, in order to practice chastity in a culture that calls it crazy.

What others are saying:

Arleen is a breath of fresh air in a world jaded by sin. Her message of chaste freedom is effectively presented through her joyful spirit and relatable personality. Any group of teens, young adults, or engaged couples will be inspired and challenged with her beautiful message of love. I highly recommend her.Msgr. David L. Toups
Rector/President at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, FL
It was a joy to have Arleen speak to our young adult group. Her talk was energetic, dynamic and humorous. I found myself nodding vigorously at times, and taking notes. Do you want your audience to truly desire to be virtuous? To be chaste? To get practical advice on how to achieve that in our day and age? Then have her come speak!Fr. Gaurav Shroff
St. Joseph Catholic Church in Athens, GA
The students (at the University of Florida) loved her and we received nothing but positive feedback about her style of communicating the truth of the Church’s teachings on sex and marriage and the wonderful virtue of chastity. Her witness that being a virgin until marriage is still a possibility, and that chastity throughout life is everyone’s calling was invaluable, as the college campus is screaming the contrary to our students. Combining humorous personal anecdotes with solid Church teaching, she was able to speak the truth in an assertive, yet nonjudgmental way that our students really responded to.Afton Caterina
FOCUS Missionary, University of Florida
Arleen did an outstanding job addressing our middle and high school students on the topic of chastity. She is a gifted speaker who is able to clearly articulate the significance of the virtue of chastity based on the truth found in scripture. Her approach is unique and engaging leaving the audience feeling loved and inspired.Jacob VanDeMark
Chapel Coordinator at Hernando Christian Academy in Brooksville, FL
Arleen is a dynamic speaker who was able to keep the audience engaged, attentive, and entertained at the same time while discussing a topic that is not easy to approach. She brought inspiration to the young Catholic audience through her energetic and deep presentation.Antoine Faddoul
Coordinator, Catholic Fellowship of NYC
Arleen spoke with humor, truth and energy (to the participants in a Theology of the Body course and young adult bible study) and was able to touch all with her stories and real-life experiences. It’s refreshing to see someone who lives out chastity and has so much joy. She is the new wave in the reclaiming sexuality movement.Carrie Giebel
Director of Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of San Diego
Arleen is a gifted speaker whose candid style enables her to speak about chastity with humor and authenticity.  The teen girls and their moms appreciated her straightforward approach which kept them engaged throughout her talk and prompted many questions during the Q&A.  Arleen provides a compelling and joyful witness to the beauty of the virtue of chastity.Cathy Loh
Director of Family Life, Diocese of Palm Beach

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