Conversion, healing, and freedom.

A Book Review

Loved As I Am by Sr. Miriam James is, as its subtitle states, “An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus.” As a bonus, it’s a fast and easy read.


Sr. Miriam James shares the story of her own journey to freedom in chapters that challenge us to pursue the purposes for which God created us, to let love transform us, and to trust that God knows what he is doing.

A truth to consider when your life alarms you.

The other day my dog paced, panicked by what he had heard outside the house: a lawnmower. He panted as he passed me in the kitchen, while he aimed to detect whether what he heard would hurt him.

It was my lunch break — a quick trip home to eat. While I ate, I thought about the work outside of work that overwhelms me. Stuff to write. A chastity talk to cut from 45 minutes to 30. Flights to book. Contracts to write.

Whoever pushed the mower outside pushed it closer.

Lawnmowers are everything that alarms my dog.

They are loud. They are probably scary to look at. They are bigger than he is, their paths are unpredictable, and their purpose is a mystery.

I wish Kim Davis had resigned.

Okay, so, Kim Davis. She is the county clerk whose refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is rooted in her religious beliefs and has resulted in her arrest.

Her attorney’s statement says that she is being treated as a criminal because she cannot violate her conscience. But a judge says she is being treated as a criminal because she violated a court order. Either way, tonight, she is in jail.

I wonder if what sparked the stand she took is actually what she says sparked it — if what bothers her is the fact that she’s required by her job description to do something that violates her conscience. Here’s what I mean:

Q and A: What’s a date (and what isn’t)?

The Q: “I’ve been asking different people what they define as ‘dating’ versus ‘hanging out.’ Everyone has entirely different answers. What should count as a date and what shouldn’t?” -B.T.

The A: The short version of my answer is that it’s a date if you both decide that you want it to be. But here’s the long version:

If you’d like a signed copy of ‘Chastity Is For Lovers’…

my and my bookI’m pumped to report that signed copies of Chastity is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin are now available in my online store.

The book, which is a first place winner of a 2015 Catholic Press Award, is, according to one reviewer, “one of the best books I’ve read regarding what chastity is, who is called to live it out, and how it can be lived out.” According to another, it is “well worth reading, for man or woman, young or old.”

Who needs Chastity Is For Lovers?