3 Lessons and 2 Tips From Matt Swaim

Headshot3 Lessons and 2 Tips is a series of interviews in which some of my favorite people (and probably some of yours) share three lessons they’ve learned by being married, plus two tips for single people.

This edition features Matt Swaim, the host of the Son Rise Morning Show on EWTN Radio, and the author of The Eucharist and the Rosary and Prayer in the Digital Age. He resides with his family in Cincinnati.

He graciously agreed to share lessons he’s learned in marriage plus tips for single people. Follow him on Twitter, right after you read this:

AS: How did you meet your wife?

MS: On the internet. On a punk rock social networking site. Back when Facebook was still The Facebook.

AS: When did you get married?

MS: December 18, 2004. Christmas weddings are underrated- they make it a lot easier to get everybody together when they’ve already got time off! Plus, you’re not sweating to death in a monkey suit.

AS: What’s one lesson you’ve learned in marriage?

MS: Never badmouth your spouse to other people. Other people usually know you better than they do your spouse, and will come to your defense rather than theirs. It creates an echo chamber of negativity, and can fuel the illusionary mentality that you’re always the one who’s in the right.

AS: And a second lesson?

Honored to speak at the 2015 Banquet of Life. The event is a benefit for my hometown’s Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center, where I interned as a counselor for a semester during grad school.

Date: March 21, 2015
Time: 6 p.m.
Event: Banquet of Life
Topic: TBD
Sponsor: Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center
Venue: The Palace Grand
Location: 275 Della Court
Spring Hill, FL 34606

Stuff I’ve Shouted at the Screen While Watching MTV’s “Virgin Territory”

A couple weeks ago, I curled up on the couch, pumped for the series premier of a show I was sure would strike a chord or a nerve: Virgin Territory. In it, young adults who haven’t had sex discuss what life’s like for a virgin. Some have committed to abstaining from sex outside marriage. Others are looking for somebody with whom to sleep.


The first episode, in which MTV followed Lisa Potts during the days that led up to her wedding,  struck a chord. Potts, a Christian, saved sex for marriage. The second episode, in which cast member Mikaela went on the “honey hunt” in L.A. and cast member Kyle crafted a hot cocoa/horse-and-carriage date with a girl with whom his friends hoped he’d “seal the deal,” struck a nerve.

Both episodes, which introduced viewers to a handful of the 15 cast members who’ll show up throughout the season, inspired me to shout stuff at the screen. Here are four of the statements I shouted, with explanations:

1. TALL, TATTOOS, KHAKIS AND CHUCKS IS NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION! In a video diary-style monologue, Mikaela — a 19-year-old virgin who is interested in meeting a man with whom to have sex — described her perfect guy: He’s taller than she is, has lots of tattoos, and wears khaki pants and Chucks. I don’t know Mikaela. I don’t know if by “perfect” she means “marriageable.”  I don’t know if MTV edited other qualities out of her monologue. But what one person wears is sometimes enough information for another person to decide to date or have sex with him or her, and that is horrifying.