What a woman should do when she likes a man.

Co-written by Bobby Angel

This post is co-written with Bobby Angel, my friend Jackie Francois Angel’s husband.

Last year, I (Arleen), wrote a post called “When a man likes a woman” for the Catholic Match Institute’s blog. It listed what men should do who are into a woman:

Ask questions. Use words. Seek counsel. Follow through. Save sex.

After they read it, several readers wondered: But what should a woman do when she likes a man? I think she should do the same stuff, I said. But I also thought a man ought to answer that question. So, I asked Bobby Angel. Here is his insight:

How to want what God wants before you know what it is.

I am a Roman Catholic Christian. A “God person,” according to the not-so-into-God kid who called me that when we were students at the Protestant school I attended for fifth through twelfth grades.

Church is my jam. I pray. I underline stuff in the Bible. I believe that God is good, that providence is real, that Jesus is my homeboy – you know, the whole bit. So you can imagine my own surprise the night I realized that I had never actually wanted what God wants for me.

Click here to read the rest of this post, which I wrote for a vocation/calling series on fellow author Tyler Braun’s blog.

CHASTITY IS FOR MEN | Shane Blackshear edition.

This post is one in a series designed to combat the belief that it’s “impossible” for men to save sex (or sex from now on) for marriage. Each edition features a man who was a virgin at marriage, who proves that belief wrong, who uses his experience to encourage both men and women who practice chastity.

kate-amp-shaneThis edition of CHASTITY IS FOR MEN features Shane Blackshear, a blogger and host of the Seminary Dropout podcast.

I was a guest on it last year, and so appreciated that during my episode, while we discussed Chastity Is For Lovers, Shane candidly acknowledged that he was a virgin at marriage.

Shane, who was married at 25 and is 32 now, is gracious to help prove that chastity IS for men:

When attraction is irrelevant (and other dating truths).

Thursday night, I received a call from my good friend Americo Menendez, who I’ve known since I was 11. First he was my brother’s youth minister. Then mine. And by the way he is brilliant.

That day, I had emailed Americo a dating question: How do we know that our standards are solid and not indicative of a hesitance to make the act of faith that marriage requires of us? It’s the “how far is too far” question, standards edition.  An effort to reconcile having standards and faith, without using one to negate the other.

He replied. Then he called. When Americo calls (regardless of his claim not to be an expert) you take notes.

What I read in them after actually gave me heart palpitations. This is gold. This is stuff we have to know if we’re single. It’s stuff we have to tell our single friends if we’re not. Stuff I have to share with you: