My Book

Chastity Is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin, my debut book, was inspired in part by an essay I wrote for the Tampa Bay Times, called “Why I’m still a virgin.”

It’s true: I am 31. And I’ve never had sex. Because of Jesus. You can imagine the secular public’s response. But more important than what a sect of the public said (i.e., that I am ugly and unintelligent) is this: the public responded. Passionately. I wanted our readers to read about chastity. Our readers wanted to talk about it.

They wanted to talk about it because their parents never did. Or because their churches did, but what the preachers said didn’t sit right. Some were college students, who for the first time had to navigate a world in which saving sex wasn’t the norm. Others were parents who worried for their teens and tweens. Others were adults whose relationships had yet to turn out how they had hoped they would, who wondered:

Could chastity be for me?

Spoiler alert: Yes!

So I pitched the idea for a book to Ave Maria Press in 2013. It became Chastity Is For Lovers in Nov. 2014. And it — like the virtue itself — is for you.

What Readers Are Saying

I thought it was a book for singles, but got it wrong: it’s for everybody who wants to live a whole and holy life. Flavia
Amazon reviewer

“It is definitely one of the best books I’ve read regarding what chastity is, who is called to live it out, and how it can be lived out. I recommend it.”Mitchell
Facebook reviewer

This book is for you whether you are single, married, celibate, young or old. If you consider yourself a Christian and your heart longs for the Christian ideal, this book will help encourage you to believe that you can do it.Georgie
Amazon reviewer

‘Chastity Is For Lovers’ is an absolute gift to Catholic millenials who are attempting to wade through the murky of waters of contemporary western young adulthood. … If you’re uncertain as to what, exactly, chastity means, buy this book. If you know what it is but continue to struggle with it, buy this book. If you rejoice in embarrassing and painful dating stories, buy this book.Gregory
Amazon reviewer

“Chastity Is for Lovers” is exactly what I needed–a fresh, funny, and relevant conversation about sex in today’s culture.Jackie
Amazon reviewer

Who needs Chastity Is For Lovers?

  • Chastity Is For Lovers is for adults who are virgins, who have felt alone.

It will remind you that you aren’t.

  • It’s for adults who are saving sex from now on, who have worried that saving sex isn’t possible.

It will remind you that it is.

  • Chastity Is For Lovers is for people whose churches or parents never discussed sex.

It will define sex as God designed it.

  • It’s for people whose churches or parents taught abstinence without also teaching chastity.

It will explain the difference (yes, there is one).

  • Chastity Is For Lovers is for single adults who wonder whether they will be single forever.

It will equip you to worry less and trust God more.

  • And it’s for married people and parents, who are called to practice (and teach) chastity, too.

It will encourage you to do both.