Top Tweets | 04/18/13.

Happy Thursday! Since the blogosphere pros propelled me with words (and probably magical powers) to return to Twitter, I’ve made a compelling discovery: I KIND OF LIKE IT. While I am still up for talking you out of using social media (which is to relationships what fast food is to nutrition), there are perks to following good people. You can expect, then, that I’ll occasionally share the top tweets in my feed (as defined solely by my opinion [#itsmyblog&illdowhatiwantto]). Here are the top tweets from this week:


OH on #Pasco scanner: Baby alligator loitering at drain of Dade City car wash. #gogators
— Bridget Grumet (@bgrumettimes) April 15, 2013


“No one is ever holy without suffering.” – Evelyn Waugh
— Catholic Thinker (@ThinkerCatholic) April 14, 2013

MOST ENCOURAGING (A reformed Protestant quoting the pope, let alone a Catholic? #awesome.):

“Inconsistency on the part of pastors & the faithful between what they say & do is undermining the church’s credibility.” –Pope Francis
— Mark Driscoll (@PastorMark) April 16, 2013


I find there’s often a direct correlation between praying very little and being under immense stress.
— Tyler Braun (@tylerbraun) April 18, 2013

BEST PHOTO (heck yes that’s the sky over my state! #IloveFL):

Beau.ti.ful. #socialfresh…
— Ryan Eggenberger (@RyanEggenberger) April 17, 2013