Right now, I owe a lot of people a lot of emails (if you’re one of them, I’ll write back soon. Promise!). I’ve been a little inundated, since the “sexsay” appeared online and then in print. I also got to work today to find some voicemails. This one’s worth sharing:

11:25 a.m. Sunday:

“Congratulations! Congratulations, Arleen. My wife of 70 years (and I) were virgins when we married. We have had a beautiful life together, emotionally, sexually. We have 8 children, 62 grandchildren — that’s grand, great and great-great. Our sex is more meaningful today than ever. We have a beautiful relationship. … We are part of each other, as we are parts of the Lord Jesus who kept us. … We thank the Lord for you and for those who believe in the word of God that we are to keep ourselves pure. … God will bless you, and you have no fear of a beautiful life with the husband God has for you.”

It made me cry a little.

I called him back, his wife picked up another phone and the three of us had a fabulous conversation. They’re 90. And they’re kind and they’re funny. And they told me they cut out and and still have a copy of my first chastity essay (which I wrote three years ago), that they love me and that they would pray for me.

Haters may hate, but lovers make my day.