How delighted the devil would be to see us do this.

In a blog post, Tommy McGrady once wrote that “marriage isn’t just hard. It’s sneaky hard.” But a friend of mine read it, and then she responded.

“When you learn to communicate, love your spouse more than yourself, learn to compromise and accept that not everything in life is going to be the way you want, marriage is not hard at all,” she wrote.

So which is it?

Is marriage hard, or not hard? If it is hard, should it be? And what about dating? If that’s hard, should we call it quits? Continue reading “How delighted the devil would be to see us do this.”

8 important love quotes you need to read.

A book called Let Yourself Be Loved: Transforming Fear Into Hope has gone down in history as the book I was reading when a red pen exploded in my hand on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta.

But whatever I underlined when the pen exploded was worth the trouble because this book — which is short and easy to read — rocked my world. It is written by Phillip Bennett, a clinical psychologist and Episcopal priest who dissects the fears that get in love’s way and reminds us: perfect love casts out fear.

Here are eight of my favorite quotes you need to read from the book (which, let’s face it, you also need to read): Continue reading “8 important love quotes you need to read.”

Virtue is good, but…

St. Thomas calls the cardinal sin sloth “a sadness arising from the fact that the good is difficult.” Sloth paradoxically affirms a person’s belief that a choice is good simultaneously as it underlies his or her resistance to making the choice.

It’s “chastity is good, but…”

“Prudence is good, but…”

It’s believing in the existence of the merit of a choice, but not making it because making it would require you to transcend an urge, for instance, or to defeat a fear. Continue reading “Virtue is good, but…”