The “sexsay” (as my brother from another mother has dubbed it) isn’t in print ’til tomorrow…

but the hate mail has already started. And the comments got so bad this afternoon a web editor decided to shut ’em down.
Only two things I can say, really:


“Lord, help us live so foolishly for you that we draw onlookers and those who would deride us. And while they watch and mock, change all our hearts that we might learn to laugh at the foolishness this world calls normal and run away with the circus that is real life.” (from Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals)

And second:

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  • SVB

    Boo-ya. I don’t mean to sound cliche, but you go girl!

  • Good article, Arleen! It looks like most of the comments were positive, so I’m assuming they removed the bad ones. Isn’t the anonymity of the Internet wonderful?!

  • @SVB: [insert celebratory air guitar solo]

    @Robert: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, the web editor did delete the worst of the comments and overall, the feedback has been positive. Always amazing what people will say when they aren’t looking you in the eyes.

  • Oh, that’s good. As my sister Arleen would say, “Preach!”

  • @Jordan: LOL. 🙂