Talkin’ sex on NPR’s Tell Me More.

Grateful for the opp to talk sex on today’s episode of NPR’s Tell Me More, hosted by Michel Martin. Fabulous to chat with Martin and fellow panelists Monique Matthews, author of Sex Free, and Lisa Marziali, from the first episode of TLC’s the Virgin Diaries.

Here’s how NPR describes the segment:

“In the old days, many people aspired to remain abstinent until marriage. Today, that goal seems rare. Host Michel Martin speaks with three women, Arleen Spenceley, Monique Matthews and Lisa Marziali about their decisions to abstain from out-of-wedlock sex.”

If you’d like to listen to it, click here.

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  • I carpool with a friend who constantly has NPR playing in her life’s background, but I must’ve missed this if it was on in the daytime. Can’t wait to listen, Arleen!

  • Anonymous

    i listened to the program and thought well as a male there is ANOTHER advantage we men have……….namely that SEX for us can run through an entire lifespan HOWEVER for women it is exceedingly difficult to do things at 60 and beyond like you could do things in your 20’s

    i agree with the premise as discussed on NPR, but once a woman is beyond a certain age, that’s it, the ball-game is over, period

    both berlesconi and hefner have recently proved my point that 27 is the IDEAL age for a woman

    MY problem is now that my own daughters are approaching that age there is a creepiness factor that enters my mind = so i guess i’m about to join the sex free lifestyle as well

    the benefit i have is i can wait it out and start all over again at an advanced age = women just can’t

    you won’t find an elderly spinster ever able to successfully pursue a young man or have any chance of romancing an elderly man when a young woman is also avaliable

    i’m NOT against your wishes i just hope you find what you want before it’s too late and your options dwindle to too few


  • Totally amazing Arleen! Congrats! I loves me some NPR. And I’ve FINALLY gotten to the point where “I’m a believer”. God has truly changed my heart about this entire thing. I was struggling soooo much with this. Now? Not at all. Like you said in the NPR interview, “make it about love.” THAT! Is what’s up. ;o)

  • You did a great job! I really liked the two points you made about chastity/abstinence. I LOVED your closing statement. Great job!

  • Arleen! I’ve been meaning to comment for a while — GREAT GREAT GREAT interview! You were awesome!