Red is for blood.

Despite the post I wrote last night (not to mention today’s date), it didn’t dawn on me until I arrived at work that today is Valentine’s Day.

Which is why I was horrified to realize I am wearing a red sweater.

Realize that the red and the pink and the chocolate and the “Hi, significant other! I’ll treat you like you’re special today because Hallmark says I should.” of the Valentine’s Day in which the Americans who celebrate it partake have this much to do with Saint Valentine, whose feast day is today: ZERO PERCENT.

Sorry to disappoint.

But my day was saved by friend and fellow blogger SVB:

Me: I’m so ashamed. I accidentally wore a red sweater today and I did not intend to look festive.

SVB: If people ask about your sweater, you can just tell them you are celebrating St. Valentine’s imprisonment and eventual bloody ending.

 Martyrdom > consumerism.

Just sayin’. Thanks, SVB!