How the world became a better place in the frozen foods section.

Pushing a cart and dodging other shoppers, I swiveled into the turn onto the ice cream aisle.

“Popsicles,” I said. “Popsicles, Popsicles, Popsicles.”

Found them. And simultaneously as I found them, so did a girl who I’d guess is 18 years my junior. This is how the world became a better place in the frozen foods section.

We reached for the freezer door together, and she held it open while I grabbed a box of Popsicles. She reached in and grabbed her own after that. I tossed my box into my cart, which is when I realized.

“Sugar free?” I said. “I don’t want sugar free.”

So — while the girl continued to hold the door open for me — I put that box back and reached for another.

“Also sugar free! Are they all sugar free?”

“Nope!” the girl said, which is when she all but climbed into the freezer to retrieve an out of sight box of Popsicles sweetened with real sugar. She handed it to me.

“Thank you so much!” I said.

“You’re welcome.”

She smiled.

Who knew shopping for a box of Popsicles would result in the restoration of some of my hope for and/or faith in humanity?

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  • I think one of the big problems with your low expectations of people in general is that you are basing it on your experiences with Floridians.

    Come to to the Carolinas, we’ll show you southern hospitality.

    But seriously, it is way different here, your faith in humanity will be restored after walking down the street once! (:

  • @Amber: LOL. Good point. I agree. People ARE mean here. 🙁