Guess what I hit on my way home last night.


It took nine years.

Four jobs.

Three schools.

Two internships.

And one practicum.

…to hit 200,000 miles.

And I am SO PROUD.

Think I can take it to 250?

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  • We got 350,000+ miles on our CAmry a few years back. We don’t have that car anymore, but it was an awesome vehicle that we drove around while paid off for a long long time. Now we’re working on our Sienna…but it only has 134,000+ right now. Love driving my paid-off vehicles forever and ever. Congrats on 200,000+!!!

    • Wow! 350,000+ is awesome. Was that with one engine?! The thought has crossed my mind to put an new engine in this car when the current one can’t take it anymore, solely since it would be far less stressful than buying a new car. Ha!