Updates, 9/13/12.

It is with gratitude and excitement that I report the following:

Big changes to the blog! [Insert celebratory air guitar solo.]

For the record, I made most of the changes awhile ago (so some of you may have noticed). But it’s time, officially, to announce them:

1. My URL is now arleenspenceley.com (but my old url – arleenspenceley.blogspot.com – still works!).

2. R.W. Harrison, a friend and colleague, graciously created a fabulous new site header for me. (If you’re reading this via Google Reader, click here to see the site’s new look!)

3. Friends of mine, mentors and siblings in Christ – Renee Johnson, Bob Rice, Abby Brundage, Brandon Vogt and Jesse Rice – each have endorsed my work, for which I am wholeheartedly grateful. Click here to read their blurbs about me (by which I’m sincerely moved).

Check out the changes and keep checking back.

And if I haven’t said it before, please know:

I am honored you read what I write, and so thankful for your support.