[True Story] Root beer on my plate.

While we each began to eat our plates of Thanksgiving food, Jordan Bowser – a brother of mine from another mother – came to a realization:

“I need liquid,” he said. So he stood from his seat and walked to the kitchen, where he filled a cup with root beer. 
On his return trip to the table, he tripped, and as such, poured his root beer all over his plate of food:
“What occurred?” I asked, while I laughed so hard I cried.
Which resulted in this musical gift to you from Jordan and me:

– – – –

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  • Bwahaha @ “Even the best talk weird sometimes.” I have to say, that was the bomb dignity.


    • LOL. I wholeheartedly agree.

    • Bomb dignity? Instant friends.

      ::extends proverbial friendship sandwich::

    • ::Accepts and subsequently devours proverbial friendship sandwich::

  • Haha this made me laugh, thanks for posting it.

  • “my fingers hurt” added such raw realism to the performance!

  • That is AMAZING! I love it! Too funny.

    • And it was totally improv, btw. Hence my laughing so much. Had no idea what Jordan would sing next.

  • SVB

    Wow, this is the most moving song about spilled soda I’ve ever heard. Question: did the root beer only land on his plate, or did it spill everywhere, including his plate? If the former, then that’s actually pretty awesome.

    • Actually, the root beer did spill mostly onto his plate. The tablecloth soaked up some of it, though.

  • with gratitude I accept this gift from Jordan and you regarding “what occurred”