The rapture.

Oh, btw: according to Harold Camping, the rapture’s happening Saturday and the world’s gonna end in October.


Or, read this awesome blog by Jason Boyett.

See you Sunday!*

* I don’t believe in the rapture, and I think that means I don’t get to participate.

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  • You don’t believe in the 5/21 rapture or you don’t believe in the rapture at all?

  • The rapture at all.

    But don’t get me wrong — I have no hard feelings for the people who do, or any interest in proving them wrong or proving me right. 🙂

  • I guess you (the devout Christian) and I (the atheist) have common ground after all. Both of us will be still be here come May 22nd! 🙂

  • So we’re not so different after all! 😉

  • SVB

    I don’t get to participate either.