Chastity and me on live TV.

In case you missed it: Last week, I spent part of a morning talking with Jay Fadden and Fr. Robert Reed about chastity on an episode of “This is the Day,” the live talk show they host on CatholicTV.

If you’d like to watch, click here. My interview starts 8:23 into the episode. Enjoy!

Want a signed copy of ‘Chastity Is For Lovers’? Get one in 2015.

IMG_2762HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR! A year ago right now, from atop an air mattress (long story), I began to type the final few thousand words of Chastity Is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin.

As 2014 draws to a close, I begin the next leg of that journey: to share the finished product with THE ENTIRE WORLD. 

Or — let’s face it — with as many of the people in it as I can reach.

I wrote Chastity Is For Lovers because adults who practice chastity exist, who are saving sex or sex from now on for marriage, who have felt alone — I want them to know that they aren’t. I wrote it because adults exist who have been taught that chastity is abstinence (it isn’t) — I want to present real chastity to them so they can decide whether to practice it based on the truth, not on a misconception of it. 

As Ave Maria Press and I continue present the book to the public since its November 2014 release, a question has come up among my blog’s readers: “Can I get a signed copy?”

I finally have an answer: YES. Continue reading “Want a signed copy of ‘Chastity Is For Lovers’? Get one in 2015.”

Book launch party pictures!

I owe a debt of gratitude to the fabulous family, friends, and folks I had never met who showed up to celebrate the release of my book Chastity Is For Lovers at two launch parties over the weekend. I also owe my body a lot of sleep.

So while I catch up (and prepare for my trip to New York), enjoy the following photos (just a handful out of more than a hundred!) from both parties (and the picture above, of me reading an excerpt of the book at Saturday’s party). Continue reading “Book launch party pictures!”

Thoughts on becoming an author.

my and my book

The moment I learned I would become an author is vivid, even now, almost two years later:

11:12 a.m. on February 28, 2013.

I sat beneath the bright bulbs of the chandelier that floats over the kitchen table and grabbed my phone while a notification buzzed: an email from Patrick, the editor who that morning, had presented my book proposal to his colleagues at Ave Maria Press.

“So, I was wondering,” he had written. “How would you like to write a book for us? :)” Continue reading “Thoughts on becoming an author.”

Win a copy of ‘Chastity Is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin’

Chastity_is_for_Lovers_3DYOU GUYS. It’s here. My debut book, Chastity Is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin — about practicing chastity in a culture that calls it crazy — is done, printed, en route to the people who pre-ordered it.

I’m pumped. My publisher is pumped. To prove it, we are giving a copy of Chastity is For Lovers to ten winners to be selected in two ways. Want one? Read on: Continue reading “Win a copy of ‘Chastity Is For Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin’”