[endorsement cite=”Jacob Vandemark” byline=”Director of Community Relations & Chapel Coordinator for Hernando Christian Academy”]Arleen did an outstanding job addressing our middle and high school students on the topic of chastity. She is a gifted speaker who is able to clearly articulate the significance of the virtue of chastity based on the truth found in scripture. Her approach is unique and engaging leaving the audience feeling loved and inspired.[/endorsement]

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“Arleen speaks truth into to the hearts of the young Church. She is dynamic and engaging, a storyteller and a teacher. Arleen delivers the truth unapologetically yet with love and humor. She presents the Church’s teachings on chastity and love in a way that makes sense while appealing to people at every stage in their journey of faith.” | Jason Carter, Emcee for Hernando Theology on Tap and Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, St. Frances Cabrini Church in Spring Hill, Fla.

“Spenceley presented such an authentic, honest, personal message of chastity while being fully aware of today’s current culture of sexual impropriety. (She) showed great stage presence and spoke in a way that everyone present could easily understand, (and) offered practical tips and encouragement to living in a way that would not only help single young adults stay chaste but really find true love.” | Justin Lantz, Director of Young Adult Ministry, Nativity Catholic Church in Brandon, Fla.

“Arleen was a tremendous inspiration to our group. With great zeal, she delivered a compelling talk about a topic regarded by the majority of society as ‘prude’ and ‘old-fashioned,’ and it resonated with many of our young adult group members.” | Ernie, Christ the King Catholic Church in Tampa

“Last night, a few friends went to a young adult group again. It was great and much needed. Arleen Spenceley ran the night on a great discussion on marrying young. She is funny and engaging. ” | Sarah, blogger at