My last day at the Times.

A night or two after I put in my letter of resignation at the Tampa Bay Times, I had a dream about my last day.
In the dream, I wept while I worked. 
Then I woke up.
“Good gosh,” I thought. “I hope that doesn’t really happen.”
Great news, friends: It didn’t. Today – my real life final full day of work at the Port Richey bureau of the Tampa Bay Times – was so much fun.
Highlights: The newsroom (which was more full than usual) graciously agreed to stop everything, step outside and take a series of group photos for me. Had lunch with my replacement (as has been our tradition these past three Mondays while I’ve trained her) who is awesome (Totally sad she didn’t get hired until I quit.). I got chicken in my hair (you had to be there). And I left with a sense of peace, grateful for good memories, good people and good work.
So much laughter. Long story. Involves a 2-second self timer. 
Bob (who blogs here) from the other side of the building and me.

Michelle from the other side of the building and me.

Alex and me on my last walk to Dunkin D.
Click his name, read his work. Fabulous writer.

Samantha (my replacement), and me on The Walk.
Commonly referred to as Arleen’s twin, and Arleen 2.0.

My final Walk. Where will I go every day at 3:30 now? 

Doug (up front), BridgetErinMicheleC.T., Samantha, me,
Matt, Anne, LeeJeff, Pat.
Not the end. A beginning.