It’s good to know.

The weather today in the Tampa Bay area is awesome. And so when I technically should have been cooking, I took a few minutes of my afternoon to sit in the backyard with my dog.

Meet Rudy.

My plan to bask in backyard silence was foiled when I realized I was sitting amid a swarm of grasshoppers. 

“Aww, geeze,” I said. Then, I noticed it: a grasshopper sitting on my dog.

Grasshoppers, to my knowledge and in my experience, are harmless. But in the heat of the moment, I projected my irrational fear of them onto my dog. My hunch is that if my dog acted more like he acted in the picture pasted above, I likely would have let him fend for himself. But most days, he acts more like this:

So, with literally zero forethought, the following really happened:

Me: “HEY. GET OFF MY DOG!” [Insert me, flicking a grasshopper off my dog.]

It’s good to know I can do this. And I’m equal parts proud and alarmed to report it. (Proud, because I clearly subconsciously dug deep if I touched a bug on purpose. Alarmed, because it’s the second time in slightly more than a month that I’ve spoken to a bug.)