I live 20 miles from work, 40 miles from school and more than 40 miles from any good beach.

So I do a lot of driving. And for years, I’ve driven the same car: the Spence Mobile if you knew me high school, the Motha Ship, if you knew me in college.

I used to think there is something about the deep cranberry pearl color of my car that made it difficult for other drivers to see. Why else, I thought, would drivers try to change lanes while my car’s in the way, or not stop when my car is clearly not moving at all in front of them?

I’ve learned, however, that it isn’t the color of my car that causes the near misses and the fender benders. It’s the way we (Americans, maybe humans) drive (as well as live). And since honking the horn and flailing my arms around about it at other drivers doesn’t really work, I wrote this column:

Distracted driving puts all of us at risk on U.S. 19 and beyond

Online now, in print Sunday, May 1, 2011. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • SVB

    “Their lives depend on our decisions. In an ideal world, all drivers would respect that responsibility. But even in this world, we can do better.”

    That is so incredibly scary! I’ve definitely been trying to be more vigilant in driving defensively. I’m trying to channel back when I first learned how to drive and I followed the rules of the road to a T. It’s dangerous driving out there!