How to determine what your significant other is thinking.

I recently saw an article about body language and dating that had the following subheadline: “Next time you find yourself wondering what he’s thinking, try observing these nonverbal cues.”

Or — here’s an idea — ASK HIM (or her, gentlemen — it works for you, too).

We do not know what other people are thinking but advice that encourages us to use any method for finding out other than “ask them” is advice that discourages communication. And that is advice that misleads us.

This is not always easy but it is healthy, and it is worth discomfort. If we are unwilling to communicate while we date we will be unwilling while we are married.

And neither our world nor our Church needs more marriages with the walls that spouses build between each other when they don’t communicate.

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  • Truth! This is a topic that I feel very strongly about. For some reason, there’s this weird idea floating around in books, movies, communities, and overall society that women need to be these coy, passive creatures who always sidestep around conversations with their men. Nope, this is such a bad idea! Thankfully, early on in my relationship my now-husband helped me see this, and it helped us so much. Communicating had its difficult moments early on in our dating and engagement (we didn’t date that long before getting engaged), but it was so good for our unity and relationship. And it really, really benefited our marriage! We’ve been married for just over 2 1/2 years now, and it has been wonderful-our communication work prior to marriage has really benefited how we communicate now!