A pornography discussion we have to have.

Last week, the Catching Foxes podcast released its eighth episode: “Authentically Honest About Pornography.” If you listen to one podcast episode in your lifetime, I implore you to make it this one.

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I’m fairly certain that for two men to discuss this so honestly, so publicly, is unprecedented. What I like about the episode most is what hosts Gomer and Luke start, and what they model.

It’s ok to be speechless in front of Jesus.

There is something disconcerting and something else peaceful about being still in thought and silent in word in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

But en route to the church, I think.

I have to spill my guts to Christ, I think.

I think I have to tell him something and wait for his response, or for a blanket of warmth if it’s cold out, or something, or an inexplicable breeze if it’s not (neither has ever happened, it’s just what I think of). That this time, my prayer should be intentional and uninterrupted. No distractions.

How to want what God wants before you know what it is.

I am a Roman Catholic Christian. A “God person,” according to the not-so-into-God kid who called me that when we were students at the Protestant school I attended for fifth through twelfth grades.

Church is my jam. I pray. I underline stuff in the Bible. I believe that God is good, that providence is real, that Jesus is my homeboy – you know, the whole bit. So you can imagine my own surprise the night I realized that I had never actually wanted what God wants for me.

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