The morning-after pill: the solution, or part of the problem?

I listened to the news tonight while I ate dinner.

Popular today is the story about a set of New York City schools that are part of a pilot program in which girls 14 and older can receive Plan B, or “the morning-after pill,” without parental consent (and without parental notification, according to some sources).
One guy included in the news coverage spoke from behind a podium. He said the pilot program provides a solution to a problem that has lifelong consequences: teen pregnancy.
Indeed any pregnancy, let alone one in a teen, makes a lifelong impact on all involved.
But I can’t agree with what the guy said from behind the podium. The pregnancy isn’t the problem. What the world says about sex is the problem (and unwanted pregnancy is a consequence). The morning-after pill can’t solve that.

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  • That’s definitely something to consider. I hate to stomp on individual liberties, but kids might need some time just to be kids, regardless.

  • We live in a sex soaked society. Where nearly every advertisement oozes sex. I once saw an Uncle Ben’s wild rice commercial where a couple was sitting on the floor seductively feeding each other rice with the tag line “Ready for a wild night, try Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice”. They used sex…to sell rice…RICE! When it’s everywhere you look, of course kids are going to be curious! And these thirteen year old kids cannot handle this amazing gift from God that our society has turned into something “fun”.

    Sorry about the rant…I get bothered.

  • Terry Webster

    David is right in what he has to say, but the schools face a daunting problem. They can’t control the behaviors of kids outside of school, yet have to deal with the consequences of that behavior. The responsibility lies with the parents of these kids who have grown up to quick, are given pretty much anything that they ask for, and now the community finds itself having to pick up the pieces. Even in the extremely churchgoing, conservative community where I live, we still struggle with teens getting involved with alcohol, drugs, sex and other things way to early. Many of the churches are working together (sadly the two Catholic parishes won’t join in) as we try to support and help parents learn how to do the best job they can, but it is a huge uphill battle as David pointed out with so much saturation in society.

    • Ugh…Catholics. 😉

      No, but seriously, it’s a shame they aren’t involved (and surprising, considering the Catholic Church’s absolutely beautiful teachings on sex and sexuality). The Brene Brown quote in my latest post, called “Why parents are important.” is really relevant to this, Terry. I wholeheartedly agree, though, that this is a big uphill battle (one I am so very willing to fight).

  • “What the world says about sex is the problem (and unwanted pregnancy is a consequence). The morning-after pill can’t solve that.”
    You just hit a home run! 😀 Wow, at first I was like, ya another post on teen issues. Big deal! But then I read this line, and I thought, this has a very deep and serious meaning! 😀 Nice one! 😀
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