On dating the wrong person, and the right one.

Big thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Edmund Mitchell for sharing the below vid with me today via Twitter. It’s a poetic performance by poet Janette-icks, and if you’re single, ever dated somebody who wasn’t the one, worry you’re growing too old to meet the one (or have friends or family who do that for you), this is for you.


On dating the wrong person:

“He had a form of godliness, but not much. But hey, I can change him, I mean he’s close… enough.”

“…arteries so clogged with my will it blocked His will from flowing through me.”

“…he didn’t even sound or shine like your Son.”

On waiting for the right one: 

“I will no longer date socialize or communicate with carbon copies of you to quench my thirst and desire for attention and short lived compliments from sorta kindas. You know, he’s sorta kind right, but sorta kinda wrong… his first name Luke, his last name Warm…”

“I will no longer get weighted down from so called friend and family talks about their concern for my biological clock when I serve the Author of Time…”

Watch below!