Books in 2012: a series.

Dude. You should see my stack of unread books. (Click here.)

It is, in the history of stacks of things, not very big. 
But as far as I’m concerned, it’s taking up far too much of my space. So partly in effort to expand my horizons and partly because I want my closet to be bigger, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly declare 2012 ARLEEN’S YEAR OF SO MUCH MORE READING THAN IN YEARS PAST! (“Books in 2012” for short).
Assuming that while I read I am not also watching a How I Met Your Mother marathon or eavesdropping on the totally-unlikely-but-somehow-they-make-it-work couple sitting at the table nearest mine at Starbucks, I can pretty much comprehend what I read with clarity. But I am more likely to retain what I read if I dog ear the pages with the good stuff, underline the good stuff on those pages and share some of what I underlined with you on my blog. 
I have no real plans for uniformity in the posts in this series — no method in mind for imparting upon you, dear readers, the nuggets I stumble upon within this, my year of so much more reading than in years past. But my gut says that sometimes, I’ll just post quotes and others, I essentially will write my own book in response to a book I’ve read. I can neither confirm nor deny, however, that I will actually thoroughly review any of the books I read because, really, who they heck am I? (And also, I’m busy.)  
So in addition to the thoughts, rants and observations I tend to post at random, expect to see quotes from and/or thoughts about the books within the stack I intend to tackle this year.