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  • Eric Jenislawski

    Thank you so much for drawing attention to A New and Right Spirit. I’m the organizer, and no marketing guru, just a professor, so any help getting us to our goal is much appreciated!

    Here’s a recent concrete example of the needs I see:

    I just spoke last week to a student who is putting herself through college, doing all kinds of work from carpentry to mowing lawns because her hometown has few jobs for college students returning for the summer, and she just got a much-needed referral to a psychiatrist. This girl is tough, but between not eating, insomnia, and worsening depression, she finally collapsed at work from a heart arrhythmia, knocked out three teeth when she hit the cement floor, and thankfully was taken to the ER for much-needed further diagnosis. She’s doing better on new medications, but counseling was highly recommended for her. She’s a great example of where we can help, since she has very little means. She literally had one pair of work clothes to get her through the summer and was living on food like ramen to make ends meet until I discovered her situation. This is a first-honors, very bright young woman I’ve taught before, long-suffering and hard-working, generous and reticent to ask others for help, but she’s had an uphill battle with depression for three years now, and it was getting the better of her until her wake-up call in the ER. (She gave me permission to share her story without her name.)

    The college is offering Mass on September 11th for the intentions of all donors. May God bless you for your work of mercy.